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Seven Shrooms Medicinal Mushroom


A pure and powerful adaptogenic blend of nature’s most revered fungi for true life enhancement. Using fruiting bodies only for the most active compounds, this organic union brings transcendence of ailments to body, mind and spirit.

Seven Shrooms Contains 
  • Chaga — fortifies the immune system to activate, stimulate and regulate
  • Reishi — immune potentiating, protecting, cleansing and strengthening
  • Cordyceps — boosts vitality and resilience, enhancing oxygenation of the body
  • Lion's mane — a potent catalyst for brain tissue regeneration helping to improve memory and cognitive functions
  • Maitake — supports immune function, inflammatory response and has antioxidant properties
  • Turkey tail — combats oxidative stress and inflammation, supports immunity and gut health 
  • Tremella  — rich in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects
Key information 
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Certified organic
  • 100% fruiting body powder
  • 70g 
  • Stir 1/2 - 1 tsp daily into a warming cashew, coconut, or almond milk drink. Work up to 2 tsp.
  • ⌀ 58mm x 108mm high
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