Orchard St

Candle No. 3 Fire


Invigorate and ignite the energy within your space with fire element oils of sage, vetiver, cinnamon, clove bud and eucalyptus mallee. An accompaniment to your moments of wild creativity, movement and flow.

Candle No.3 Fire is a hand-poured, pure essential oil and natural wax candle from Australian label Orchard St, with smokey, spiced, resonant scents to ignite your sacred fire within.

Fire No. 3 contains 
  • Sage — stimulates the mind, enhances clarity, uplifting and strengthening  
  • Vetiver — enhances concentration and memory, soothes anxiety and fatigue   
  • Cinnamon — strengthens immunity, stimulates libido 
  • Clove bud — mentally stimulating, invigorating   
  • Eucalyptus mallee — purifying, energising and cleansing
Key information 
  • Approximately 80 hour burn time 
  • 100% cotton wick 
  • 300g
  • ⌀ 102mm x 108mm high
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