Orchard st

Candle No. 2 Air


Purify and uplift your sacred space with the calming, cleansing and awakening air element oils of copaiba balsam, lemon, lavender, petitgrain stem and tea tree.

Candle No.2 Air is a hand-poured, pure essential oil and natural wax candle from Australian label Orchard St, with light, pure and ethereal notes to uplift your spaces of work and rest.

Air No. 3 contains 
  • Copaiba balsam — calming, balancing and grounding 
  • Lemon — cleansing, purifying, invigorating  
  • Lavender — used for relaxing effect on the body, calming, physically balancing  
  • Petitgrain stem — strengthening and grounding, supports the nervous system  
  • Tea tree — purifying and cleansing  
    Key information 
    • Approximately 80 hour burn time 
    • 100% cotton wick 
    • 300g
    • Note new packing with gold printed typography
    • ⌀ 102mm x 108mm high
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