Australian Eco Yoga Mats and Accessories by Seek Solitude
Australian Eco Yoga Mats and Accessories by Seek Solitude

As a brand we take responsibility for the full lifecycle of our products from manufacturer to end of use, and ensure products are manufactured ethically. Our products are designed for longevity with environmental impact and end use in mind.

We work with a small number of suppliers where working conditions, health, factory conditions and processes have been audited and verified by SGS Group to ensure standards are upheld.

All of our products are packaged in fully recyclable and/or biodegradable packaging.

Yoga bolsters and meditation cushions

Our bolster and cushion covers and liners are made from cotton and are filled with buckwheat hulls.

This is a byproduct of processing of buckwheat for milling or other purposes.

At end of life, the buckwheat hulls are compostable and the cotton can be reused or recycled (see ideas here).

The cushion covers can be removed for washing.

The cotton inner liner adds an additional layer of protection for durability.

Buckwheat Yoga Bolster and Meditation Cushion
Sustainable Yoga Mats from Seek Solitude

Yoga Mats

Our mats are made with a biodegradable natural rubber base, a microsuede lining and water-based inks.

Many yoga mats claim to be fully biodegradable or recyclable, however they are constructed with multiple materials in ways that are not always possible to process in most conventional recycling systems.

If you do wear out your Seek Solitude mat we will take it and process each material properly for recycling. In return we will offer 20% off your next mat. Email us at for more information.