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Essential Guide to Opening a Yoga Studio in Australia

Opening and running a successful yoga studio can take time, research and resources. There’s plenty to consider and it may raise a lot of questions.

Here’s some tips to keep in mind when opening a yoga studio to make your space welcoming and memorable for students.

Finding the right location and space for your yoga studio

Firstly the success of your studio will greatly depend on the location. The studio should be easy to find and accessible by public transport or by car, with adequate parking available.

Take a measuring tape and be sure your space is large enough to accommodate the number of students your business plan calls for. A good rule of thumb is approximately 2.5m² per person.

Essential facilities to include when opening a yoga studio are a toilet, changing room and an air-conditioning / heater unit for the warmer and cooler months of the year if required. A reception area can be a great way to create further interaction with your students at the beginning and end of a class, and also a place to display products if you plan to offer retail as an additional revenue stream.

Wholesale Yoga Mats and Accessories Australia Seek Solitude
Wholesale Yoga Bolsters Australia Seek Solitude

Designing your yoga studio

It might be the yoga teacher, style of class or promotions that get clients through the door, however it’s an accessible, spacious, inviting studio space that offers something special and has the right vibe that keeps students coming back.

Choose an aesthetic that aligns with your brand and ethos – whether that be a minimalist design or something more contemporary. 

Look for a calm and clean space with plenty of ventilation. Observe the natural light in the space and ensure it provides a comfortable climate - an ideal temperature for a yoga studio should be between 21 and 24 degrees celsius. Having a light filled yoga studio will add to the overall aesthetic of your yoga studio.

Need some inspiration? Discover our list of Best Mornington Peninsula Yoga Studios here.

Sourcing wholesale yoga mats and props 

When selecting wholesale yoga products to fill your space it’s worth doing some research first. Select pieces for the style of yoga you want to offer - bolsters, mats, meditation cushions and blocks for restorative, yin, slow flow yoga, or high-grip mats for vinyasa, ashtanga and hot yoga.

Consider the palettes, materials, longevity and cost of the products. Sustainability might also be important to your brand and students. Source and speak with Australian wholesale yoga suppliers to obtain quotes on wholesale yoga mats and props, and consider shipping costs, minimum orders and terms to make an informed decision. 

Wholesale Yoga Mats and Accessories Australia Seek Solitude
Wholesale Yoga Mats and Accessories Australia Seek Solitude

Cultivate atmosphere

Having a good atmosphere in the studio is essential in creating a loyal client base. Cultivate a visually appealing space, calm environment and nourishing experience for your students. Your yoga studio should provide a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the day.

Soothing playlists, aromatherapy and candles create ambience within the space and can provide both relaxing and spiritual benefits. This can help people to make a smooth transition into the class.

Encourage your yoga teachers to create authentic and personal connections with clients each time they attend class. Make sure teachers support students throughout the class with poses and foster a feeling of safety. Also be sure they are well acquainted with the space and facilities within your studio. 

You can also create a sense of community by encouraging students to get to know each other through offering tea at the end of the class, organising personal growth challenges, arranging community events at the studio, and through social media. 

Retail in your yoga studio for additional income streams 

While the main focus is teaching yoga, offering retail at your yoga studio can support clients and provide a boost in cash flow if well managed. Selling yoga basics such as mats, blocks, towels, and bolsters and yoga apparel can be convenient for clients who prefer to bring their own equipment to class. 

To help move the product it’s worth investing time to train the front desk staff with simple product knowledge and awareness of the brands that the studio is selling.

Wholesale Yoga Mats and Accessories Australia Seek Solitude
Wholesale Yoga Mats and Accessories Australia Seek Solitude

Speak with Seek Solitude about wholesale yoga products for your new studio

For new and existing yoga studios across Australia Seek Solitude offers high-quality, durable yoga props for commercial use in a class and retail setting.

Seek Solitude offers competitive pricing on wholesale yoga mats in Australia, yoga bolsters, meditation cushions and cork accessories that are suitable for all kinds of yoga practice. We can also arrange samples of our products at discounted rates for wholesale customers who want to experience the pieces before proceeding with an order. We welcome new and smaller yoga studios by offering low minimum order quantities.

At Seek Solitude we offer fast delivery, providing a 1-2 day turn around on all orders in most locations across Australia. 

Relationships are important to us. We provide ongoing support from purchase through to delivery and beyond, ensuring that wholesale customers are getting the most out of our products.

If you own or are in the process of opening a yoga studio in Australia we would love the opportunity to share our wholesale offering with you. Learn more about our wholesale yoga mats and accessories or apply for a wholesale account here.

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