Medicinal Mushroom Powders for Immunity and Cognitive Function

Medicinal Mushrooms and their Powerful Health Benefits

Mushrooms have been sought for millennia as a source of both food and medicine. For over 3,000 years Traditional Chinese Medicine has revered certain fungi...

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At home self-care practices for Autumn

Self-care, Nourishment and Rest for Autumn

After a scant summer, autumn is beginning to show on the Mornington Peninsula with brisk mornings, light rain and the smell of fireplaces tinting the...

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Wooden Spoon Herbs plant medicine at Seek Solitude

Behind the Brand: Wooden Spoon Herbs

For a long time we’ve coveted Wooden Spoon Herbs, completely infatuated by their 70s sensibilities and deep understanding of wild plants and their healing properties. ...

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Building Facade in India sharing Hindu Cultural Rituals

From Routine to Ritual

Our society has a relentless appetite for self-optimisation that is explained by psychologist Svend Brinkmann as ‘in an accelerating culture, we are supposed to do more,...

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How to make meditation a habitual part of daily life

How to make meditation a habitual part of daily life

Just as we always have tended to the physical body through food and movement in its various forms, in recent decades increased consideration has also...

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Self care and the eight pillars of wellness

Self-Care and the Eight Pillars of Wellness

2020’s been a big year. We got married, moved to the Mornington Peninsula, got a dog (Lazlo), a warehouse space, phased out of our old...

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