How to Choose a Mat for Pilates

How to Choose a Mat for Pilates

Mats are an essential tool for Pilates, as they primarily used for floor exercised and provide a comfortable and stable surface for performing a variety of Pilates based exercises including planks, push-ups, and core work.

Choosing a mat for Pilates can make a big difference in your overall experience and comfort during your workouts. 

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing the perfect Pilates mat...


Look for a mat that is thick enough to provide adequate support. Yoga mat widths vary and can range from very thin 1.5mm travel mats all the way up to a very thick 10mm mat. Find a mat that provides the right amount of cushioning to suit your needs, while still offering enough support for proper joint support and alignment during exercise. Each of our Pilates and yoga mats are 3.5mm thick on a supportive rubber base.


Chose a mat this is made from high-quality material to ensure good grip, padding and durability. Mats that have a textured or grippy surface, like our microsuede, help prevent any slips or injuries during Pilates practice. Cork Pilates mats are a great option as they are anti-microbial and waterproof, resulting in a sustainable, non-toxic, grippy and bacteria free mat.



Mats come in a wide range of widths, lengths, and thickness for different body types. Be sure to chose a mat that suits your body and fit the style of exercise you want to practice. One that is long enough to accommodate your height and wide enough to provide adequate space on either side will give you plenty of space to move and keep you off the floor.


Invest in a mat that is well made, durable and long-lasting, it will save you money in the long run.


If you plan on taking your mat with you to classes, or away with you, look for a lightweight option that can be easily transported. Yoga mats that roll up and come with a carry strap are a great compact option for on-the-go. Did you know each of our mats come with a cotton carry strap?


Targeted recovery and stretching: The Cork Roller

In addition to traditional mats, many Pilates enthusiasts also use rollers as part of their workouts. These cylindrical pieces are used for a variety of exercises that target the core, back, and legs. Rollers can be used for balance training, as well as for providing resistance to help strengthen and tone muscles.

A cork roller is a great option for rolling out as it provides a smooth solid surface for accurate targeting of muscle tightness, soreness, and pressure points. Cork is a naturally anti-microbial material ensuring cleanliness and durability during practice, and also provides a sustainable alternative to traditional foam rollers.

Discover our Cork Roller here.



Overall, Pilates mats and rollers are essential tools for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness and mental well-being through the practice of Pilates.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Pilates lover, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your workouts. So if you're looking to take your Pilates practice to the next level, consider investing in a high-quality mat to support your journey towards better health and wellbeing.

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