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What are Yoga Props: 4 Essential Yoga Props for any practice

Yoga props are objects that you use when practising yoga for additional support, to extend your reach, deepen postures or work towards more difficult asanas. Yoga mats, rollers, blocks, bolsters and straps are just a few common yoga props that you might see in a yoga studio that helps yogis with their posture, balance and relaxation.

Yoga props are not only used for stability, but also allow for better alignment. 

The first and most fundamental prop is a yoga mat as it provides cushioning while you practise, but here are four other essential props that will help deepen your practice... 

Yoga block

Seek Solitude Cork Yoga Block

What is a yoga block?

A yoga block is a lightweight brick shaped prop designed to adapt yoga poses. It’s the perfect support for beginners and advanced yogis to enhance their yoga and pilates practice.

How to use a yoga block

Yoga blocks are a great tool for improving flexibility, balance, stability, and lengthening the body by deepening your stretch. They can be used as a barrier between your body and the floor when mastering challenging poses to give you extra lift, or as a support for your joints. 

Sturdy and durable enough to withstand even the toughest sessions, Seek Solitude’s slip resistant cork yoga block will keep you in position no matter how sweaty the flow.

5 benefits of a cork yoga block

  1. Increases range of motion while providing adequate support
  2. Assists in keeping your core engaged and your spine in proper alignment during a pose
  3. Made with an eco-friendly renewable cork material that makes for a more sustainable yoga block option
  4. The cork block provides longevity as it doesn’t chip or break down with time
  5. Easy to clean by wiping down with water and a cloth

Yoga Bolster

Seek Solitude Sustainable Yoga Bolster

What is a yoga bolster?

A yoga bolster is a long cylinder or rectangular pillow most often used to support the body in restorative poses, yin or slow flow yoga practice. This feel good prop will provide you with support, stability and comfort in every pose. 

How to use a bolster

Bolsters offer a firm but comfortable surface for your body to rest on in poses like Savasana, or when used under the back or knees. Choosing the right yoga bolster for you will depend on your particular needs. 

There are a few things to consider including size, shape, filling and material. You’ll need to check the measurements of a bolster before you purchase to ensure it’s long enough to support your body the way you need it to.Each offers a slightly different benefit and it really comes down to personal preference. 

Filling is an important consideration as it can affect the feel and weight of a bolster. Seek Solitude’s yoga bolsters are filled with natural buckwheat hulls making it slightly firmer and more supportive than cotton and synthetic fillings. The cover is made with 100% pure-cotton which is long lasting, washable and soft on your skin.

5 benefits of a yoga bolster

  1. Aids in opening up the body during restorative postures and holding them in place for longer periods of time
  2. Releases any tension by providing a sturdy but gentle support
  3. Improves blood circulation when placed lengthways under your spine, chest or shoulders, releasing any stiffness and allowing the blood to flow more freely through the area
  4. A great support prop for women to use during prenatal yoga, allowing them to modify regular yoga postures without compromising on the benefits of the practice. 
  5. Offers comfort and alignment in seated poses or during a meditation 

Cork Roller

Seek Solitude Sustainable Cork Roller

What is a cork roller?

A cork roller is a cylinder made of natural cork and is great for improving circulation, flexibility and reducing inflammation. Made from high-density natural cork, Seek Solitude’s eco-friendly roller is great for improving circulation, flexibility and reducing inflammation. 

How to use a roller

The smaller diameter and firmness of a roller make it perfect for targeting and loosening up specific muscles, helping to relieve any tension in the body. To use a cork roller simply roll along arms, hands or feet to release tension. Or lean into the floor or a wall to create just enough pressure to roll out bigger muscle groups like your hips, quads, glutes, hamstrings or upper back. It can be used to enhance your yoga practice and recovery, but also in pilates.

5 benefits of a cork roller

  1. Made from biodegradable natural cork material with a non-toxic binding agent 
  2. Boasts natural microbial properties to prevent odour from everyday use
  3. Naturally durable and lightweight making it easy to manoeuvre and transport
  4. Compact enough to target those hard to reach muscles and reduce tension

The cork offers great grip, but also a soft cushioning to provide the perfect post workout massage.

Yoga Straps

Seek Solitude Eco Yoga Mat with Free Yoga Strap

What is a yoga strap?

A yoga straps or belt is a useful prop to improve flexibility. It is beneficial for both beginners and advanced yogis alike. 

How to use a yoga strap

Straps are best used to stretch out tight muscles before you delve into your flow so you can find length in yoga poses to maximise your practice. They can also assist in providing control in difficult postures.

Every Seek Solitude yoga mat comes with a multifunctional carry strap that can also be used as a yoga strap during your flow. 

5 benefits of a yoga strap

  1. Deepens a stretch to relieve any muscle tension
  2. Supports the body to gently achieve extra length without injury 
  3. Encourages better alignment in yoga poses
  4. Allows users to have better control in mastering difficult poses
  5. Multifunctional tool that can also be used to transport your yoga mat

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