Microsuede High-Grip, Non-Slip Yoga Mat

4 Benefits of a Microsuede Yoga Mat

When it comes to your yoga flow, the most important consideration for your practice is your yoga mat. Yoga mats come in a range of materials, thickness and other subtle design differences to suit individual needs. There’s a few factors you may want to consider before you purchase to ensure you select the mat that’s right for you and your unique yoga practice.

Here are 4 benefits to choosing a microsuede yoga mat

  1. Versatility for yoga, pilates and other workouts

Each of our mats have been made using a non-slip, high-grip microsuede lining that makes them suitable for many types of exercise — from yoga, pilates and stretch sessions to more vigorous workouts. When selecting a mat, consider the intention for your practice or exercise. 

If things are going to get warm then a non-slip yoga mat will offer you better support than a conventional mat. There’s nothing worse than your hands slipping from beneath you in downward dog…Which leads us to our next point… 

  1. High grip, high performance

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, a non-slip microsuede mat offers one big advantage - safety! If you like to work up a sweat in your yoga or pilates practice, the microsuede mat provides great grounding (literally) especially for those who like to hold poses for long periods of time. 

The microsuede surface allows for moisture to be absorbed into the fabric, therefore the sweatier the practice the better the mat performs. This in turn provides a solid grip so you can effortlessly move from one asana to the next. Perfect for styles like ashtanga, hot yoga or vinyasa, our microsuede non-slip yoga mat is durable and supportive while helping you stay balanced, supported and focussed in your mental and physical practice.

  1. Soft to the touch

Allow yourself to melt into the mat for savasana and meditation. When you step onto the buttery-soft surface of our microsuede yoga mat it instantly cultivates a feeling of calm. It is time to slow down. Our yoga mats are super soft to the touch, adding to the sensual experience of yoga.

The high quality microsuede layer on our yoga mats are printed with eco, water based-inks. Not only do the mats feel good, but this technique allows us to create beautiful, environmentally sensitive designs.

  1. Sustainable yoga mats and accessories

Many yoga mats claim to be fully biodegradable or recyclable, however the multiple materials they use may not always make it possible to process in conventional recycling systems. 

Each of our yoga mats are designed using eco-friendly inks with a biodegradable rubber base and microsuede lining. Despite being a synthetic material we use microsuede because, to be sustainable, something should be made to last. Rather than replacing your yoga mat every year, we felt it was important that our pieces withstand rigorous use and the test of time. 

To take responsibility for the life cycle of our products and use of microsuede, we have created a recycling program whereby customers can return their worn mats for appropriate recycling or up-cycling in exchange for a discount on their next mat. We also try to make conscious decisions elsewhere in the business, with all packaging either recyclable or biodegradable, and using Australia Post for its carbon-neutral parcel delivery. 

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