Seek Solitude is an online store based on the Mornington Peninsula featuring wellness products and homewares for a life of slower rhythms, self-care and intention. 

We feature Australian labels and international brands that operate with environmental and social sensitivity to bring you natural products for self care, homewares for your meditation space, nourishing medicinal mushroom and raw cacao blends, and much more to enrich your daily rituals. Our special collection of products are sourced from Melbourne to the Byron Bay Hinterlands to the Appalachian Mountains of northwest Georgia. 

The healing power of the ocean

For the times you can't escape to the beach, experience the benefits of an ocean swim with our bath soaks containing revitalising salts and Australian botanicals.

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For a new year of

Self Care & Intention

Maintain balance

It's the busiest time of year. Make sure you balance the long days and late nights with a little rest and relaxation.

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